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Patients of the regional cardiac program benefit from a team approach to care that spans several clinical areas including: nursing, respiratory technology, physiotherapy, nutrition, exercise therapy, diagnostic technology as well as volunteer.

Here is a look at how each discipline contributes to a patient’s quality care experience.

Our team members

Rouge Valley cardiac nurses have certification in cardiovascular care and are trained to provide specialized care to heart patients, keeping them comfortable and safe.

After meeting each patient and explaining the technical elements of the procedure, diagnostic technologists operate the complicated equipment in order to achieve the images necessary for a physician to pinpoint the cardiac condition.

As key members of the cardiovascular rehabilitation team, exercise therapists have expertise in restoring patients’ heart health through activity and exercise, being mindful of physical or mental limitations brought on by heart disease.

Cardiac patients meet with our staff nutritionists to ensure a healthy diet is part of the rehabilitation program.

Heart and lung functions work closely together, which is why respiratory technologists are an important part of the cardiac team during the diagnostic phase through to rehabilitation.

The regional cardiac program has a family of volunteers to assist patients in the cardiac short stay unit and at community sites as part of the regional cardiovascular rehabilitation program. These volunteers help patients as they prepare for and recover from a diagnostic or treatment procedure, and during their cardiovascular rehab journey.

By inviting previous cardiac patients to return as volunteers, the regional cardiac program strives to take compassionate care to the exceptional level, ensuring patients feel comfortable and assured they are in good hands.