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Family is an important part of every patient's experience when having a cardiac procedure. We want you to spend time with your loved one and be there for support. That's why we try to accommodate your visiting needs at the regional cardiac centre.

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Our visiting hours are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

We ask all patients to invite only two visitors as a time, as a courtesy to our other patients and to minimize noise. Visitors may also be asked to leave a patient’s room in order to proceed with medical care or treatments.

Each evening, there is an announcement reminding visitors that visiting hours will soon come to an end.

In some circumstances, it is important for a family member to stay with the patient overnight. Although we do not have cots for visitors, special requests to stay overnight with a patient can be made at the nursing station. Please discuss this option with your nurse, and be sure to obtain a temporary visitor’s pass from the nursing station.

We have special visiting hours in our coronary care unit (CCU), where some patients are admitted if they have a critical heart condition. Staff will let you know the specific visiting hours for this unit.