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Hallway to main entrance of the regional cardiac centre

Scarborough and Rouge Hospital's Centenary site is home to the Central East Regional Cardiac Care Program – Scarborough-Durham. Each year more than 6,000 patients are seen at the cardiac centre. A highly-skilled team of cardiologists, cardiac care nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, exercise therapists, dietitians, social workers, support services, and clerical staff work collaboratively to deliver high quality cardiac care to patients.

What you will find at the Regional Cardiac Centre

The regional cardiac centre features the following facilities and spaces:

  • Three advanced catherization labs for performing diagnostic and life-saving and life-changing procedures, allowing for patients in the region to be be treated closer to home
  • Designated procedure room for pacemaker and ICD implants, allowing regional electrophysiologists to treat more arrhythmia patients, and more quickly
  • Cardiac short stay unit where patients go for assessment, preparation and recovery for several different cardiac tests and procedures
  • Coronary care unit that offers critical care services for patients recovering from procedures
  • Media room for videoconferencing and telemedicine
  • Waiting lounge for families

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Central East Regional Cardiac Care Centre